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The Drama That’s Our Politics

So, are you like me and think the recent drama in Ottawa deserves an Oscar?  Well, it should definitely win a Gemini.  There’s the struggle for power, friendships supposedly formed with the enemy, and moment by moment suspense.  And the hero, who must protect the one ring that rules them all, is our Governor General.

Now, you say, there’s no way that this drama could get anymore interesting, any bit more suspenseful.  Well, there is one way.  One small twist that could take this story far beyond any theatrical award of excellence.  The introduction of an unlikely surprise character:


Her Majesty The Queen.

Yes, just think of how much more fun, how much more dramatic and controversial these events would be if Her Majesty just happened to have been touring our country.  When she is here, the Governor General’s powers belong to Her Majesty.  Just imagine the outrage it would cause, the constitutional crisis it would create, if the Her Majesty had to make the decision our Governor General is currently has to make.  I think it would be truly exciting!

Quick, someone invite the Queen to come over.