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The Politics of Santa’s Journey

On the night of Chritmas Eve, Santa left the North Pole on his annual quest to deliver presents to the children of the world.  Thanks to incredible technology, these same children were also able to track Santa’s location online, thanks to NORAD’s Official Santa Tracker.


It seems that Santa was very busy on Christmas Eve.  But what’s more impressive is not Santa’s speed, but the reach of NORAD’s Radar System.

Am I not the only person to realize that NORAD has global radar coverage of every country on the planet?


An Early Christmas

parliament_christmasWell, looks like our MPs got themselves an early Christmas. It was quite the performance, they got Canadians interested in politics again, showed that Stephen Dion doesn’t know how to use a handy cam. Why couldn’t he just call CTV? I’m sure they would have sent a camera crew to him ASAP. And CPAC probably would have done the same.  

Really, what he should have done was speed up the audio a little, so that he would sound more like Fred.

Were you like me and questioning if he conservatives really were right, and there wasn’t an economic crisis happening in Canada like there was in the states?  Well, this morning I started reading The Globe and Mail and their lead headline is “Canada loses most jobs in 26 years

So, maybe the coalition was right, and a stimulus is something that requires immediate attention.