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A Foolproof Plan to Stimulate the Canadian Economy

Jim Flaherty thinks he knows how to stimulate the Canadian economy.  We at PoliCana have come up with a better plan than Flaherty’s tax cuts.


Give every Canadian family a Nintendo Wii.

If you don’t think our plan will work, please watch this video.


The Politics of Santa’s Journey

On the night of Chritmas Eve, Santa left the North Pole on his annual quest to deliver presents to the children of the world.  Thanks to incredible technology, these same children were also able to track Santa’s location online, thanks to NORAD’s Official Santa Tracker.


It seems that Santa was very busy on Christmas Eve.  But what’s more impressive is not Santa’s speed, but the reach of NORAD’s Radar System.

Am I not the only person to realize that NORAD has global radar coverage of every country on the planet?

Feds Announce Another 3.0% Interest Rate Cut

interest-rateJust when everyone thought the Feds were running out of economic ammunition, they’ve pulled another move no one expected.  The Feds today have announced a 3.0% interest rate cut, putting the current interest rate at -3.25%.

When asked to explain what  a negative interest rate means to the economy, Julio Fantigo from the Federal Reserve offered this explanation:

With the current economy in such a bad state, we at the Federal Reserve felt that we should do more to help the economy.  It is our responsibility to do everything in our power to get Americans to spend more, more, and even more.  So essentially we will be paying people to borrow money.

The solution to all short sighted problems, is more short sightedness.