The Budget Annoucement

Time to dust off the blog editor and get to work analyzing this new budget. First off, just need to get something off my chest: the problem with Canadian politics is that it is full of partisan party junkies who can only see in ideology. Now with that out of the way, on to the budget.

The Consequences of the Budget
It seems like the NDP and the Bloc want to leave the decision of future of the government in the hands of the Liberals. For the NDP it’s a question of trust, they don’t trust the Tories. The Bloc, well, I’m not quite sure what is their position.

It’s All in the Hands of Michael Ignatieff
To be honest I’m not really sure if this guy is still capable of talking, I haven’t heard an interview with him in over six months, but maybe that’s just because I’m watching less TV. If anything, this budget will be his first test, and we’ll learn about what kind of prime minister he could become.

Still no stimulus to provide one Nintendo Wii for every Canadian family.


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