You Can Duck From Duffy

142764109_0ac5780a63Contrary to what Stockwell Day believes, Stephen Harper has proved that it is possible to duck from Duffy.  You just need to give him a senate seat.  Mike Duffy, since accepting the senate position will be retiring from his weekday show on CTV News Net, Mike Duffy Live.

All the talk about senate reform, and changing things is probably a good idea.  But to me, it seems like a lot of nice talk.  I believe this because senators have done little in the past to engage canadians.  I will only believe that these new senators, in particular Mike Duffy, Pamala Wallin, Nancy Raine are taking senate reform seriously if they actually try to communicate with Canadians.  If on the other hand, they end of being just like their counterparts and hide in their offices and site on the red seats, then I don’t really believe they’re taking any of this seriously.


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