A Successful Coalition


If the Conservatives manage to put together a budget that the coalition parties like, and one they endorse, does that mean the coalition failed?  And should the coalition parties then endorse Stephen Harper’s budget and leadership, what does that mean politically?

This is a strange question to ask yourself in Canadian politics.  Should this happen, the Conservatives deliver an amazing budget, what happens next?  Does this help the conservatives gain political points so that they can get a majority government next election?  I think they would gain quite a bit of popularity in such a case, unless perhaps their concessions anger western Canada.  But if that should happen, who is western Canada going to turn to, the Liberals?   They’ll probably stick with the conservatives beliving that giving them a majority will correct the course of the party.  Unless of course Preston Manning gets so upset and decides to restart the Reform Party.

So it seems, the best move for the conservatives at this point is to please the coalition as much as possible and when their confidence.  It’s the only way to bring the rest of Canada on board, and the most logical way to win a majority.

So the question is, what then is the best move for the coalition parties, do not support the budget no matter how good it is?


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