Transcript of Harper Ignatieff Meeting

Harper: Thank you Mr. Ignatieff for making it out to the meeting today.  I know it would have been hard for you to get here, what with the transit strike and all.

stephen-harper-kitten1 iggy-played-us

Ignatieff: No problem.  It wasn’t that bad, except Jack offered me a ride and he wouldn’t stop singing Hanah Montana songs.

Harper: I know, especially when he tried to sing True Friend, and kept begging you to join in.

Ignatieff: Ya, I was about ready to hit him with a copy of the Citi… hey, how did you know about that?

Harper: It’s not important.  What is important is the business I would like to discuss with you today.  I have a solution to this whole fiscal update fiasco.  A coalition.

Ignatieff: A coalition?  Been there, done that…  Helped me get my job a lot faster.

Harper: No, no… not one controlled by the evil separatists.  I’m talking about a Conservative – Liberal coalition.

Ignatieff: A Conservative – Liberal coalition?

Harper: Why not?  Canadians have never been interested in politics in years!  We have to keep the suspense going.

Ignatieff:  That is true.  A good story needs to keep it’s readers engaged.  I just finished reading the Twilight Series, and a coalition seemed to work well for the vampires and werevolves.

Harper: Exactly. 



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