Senate Picks

Well, Stephen Harper is going to appoint 18 members to the senate in order to fill all vacancies.  Do be honest, this announcement doesn’t really make sense (and I’m not talking from a political power perspective):

“We remain committed to Senate reform, which means elections for senators. [But] as long as the Senate exists in its present form, Senate vacancies should be filled by a government that Canadians elected, not a government that Canadians rejected.”

So we believe in an elected senate, so we’re going to appoint unelected senators, because we were an elected government.

Seems a politician will do anything when it comes to power, so whatever the other person said is wrong until they switch sides of the house.

Anyway, here are my picks for the senate:

  1. Don Cherry
  2. Margaret Atwood
  3. The two people from What Not To Wear (okay, so they’re not canadian, but they’re pretty insightful)
  4. Tom Cruise (I heard he spent time in Ottawa as a child from CBC’s Q)
  5. Keifer Sutherland (Jack Bauer will keep Tom in line)



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