Women’s Right to Sue for Equal Pay

Here is my Friday, ask the PoliCana community quetsion:

Can anyone explain to me why in the fiscal update did Stephen Harper decide to eliminate women’s right to sue for equal pay?


2 responses to “Women’s Right to Sue for Equal Pay

  1. I agree with doing it, although I’m impressed that they would considering the perception people would get. I think it’s based on the view that employers do tend to pay according to the value of the employee – companies trying to undercut eachother aren’t going to forego their self interest in finding and paying the best people just because of their gender. And having a rule like that on the books could make it harder for women to get jobs because with a choice between a woman and a man employers might tend to pick the one who can’t sue the company because they believe they’re being underpaid because of gender discrimination – especially if it’s a small company that’s gotten burned before.

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