Maybe We’re Just Tired of Partisan Politics

There is a lot talk on the web about a new generation of voters, with a different attitude and view of politics.  Partisan politics is the politics of our parents, it is not important to young voters that our political thinking is controlled by one organized political institution such as a party.  A good read is Don Miller’s article on growing up in conservative america.

This is what I find exciting about a coalition government, a balance of middle, left wing, and maybe right wing (never quite sure where the liberals are) ideas.  It wouldn’t bother me so much to even have a few conservatives in there.  I remember the days of the Alliance when it was their party policy to have oppositional members in the cabinet, and of course when the conservatives came to power, that idea was just a memory of the Alliance.

Take a look at Canadian political bloggers these days.  All the NDPs blog about is how the Liberal Party is going to corrupt their vision.  Conservatives blog about how the opposition is destroying democracy, who happen to have the majority of seats in the house.  These aren’t issues, real issues like foreign policy, health care, jobs, the economy. Instead it’s just old fashion fear, uncertainty, and doubt about their political rivals and it’s growing old.

Better is a dialog about our country, what needs to be done, and where we need to go.


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