Does Stimulus Mean Bailout?

The new coalition government proposes that a $30 Billion dollar stimulus package (from a CTV article):

Fife also reported that the coalition government would introduce a $30-billion economic stimulus package and roll back $50 billion in planned corporate tax cuts

What exactly is a stimulus package, and is that the same as a bailout?  I will try to find out for you, but if you know, please feel free to comment.

UPDATE: I’ve read this article from The Globe And Mail that provides a few more insights:

The coaltion deal includes a multibillion-dollar stimulus package for the troubled economy. Liberal MP John McCallum said the stimulus plan under consideration could include cheques for Canadian households as well as infrastructure spending and aid for the forestry and manufacturing sectors.

“One could do more there,” he said of infrastructure. “Clearly there are difficulties in the manufacturing and forestry sectors. Clearly there is the possibility of money for individual Canadians.”


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