An Interesting Comment

I don’t know if I’m really allowed to do this, but I thought this comment by Can Jer about this editorial by The National Post was really good:

Look. I think there are some things we need to think through here. We are not the United States. We don’t vote for our PM; we vote for the composition of the House and whoever has the confidence of the House becomes PM. Majority governments automatically have the confidence of the house but minority governments must make concessions. Harper said it himself when he was leader of the opposition of a minority government in 2004: “The first obligation of the [Liberal] government, if it wants to be a government, is to make the compromises necessary to have a majority in the House of Commons.” In a minority government, no one party wields the power, it is shared. So let’s not get tripped up with talking about the lawfulness or who did who about coalitions because all parties have done this before and none is more innocent than the other.

If you’re opposed to this coalition, stick to criticism of its ability to govern which, in my opinion, is a very legitimate topic. Though I voted Liberal, what would make me happiest at this time is Harper governing like a minority PM by making concessions to the opposition. This country has no real leaders at this time. Harper, though we differ ideologically, has the potential to be a good leader but seems unable to partisanship aside at any time.

If there is anything that these current events are teaching us, is that Canadians do not really understand how our country is govern.  I think we’ve been too Americanized in our politics.


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