Where did the tapes come from?

Throughout all the political turmoil going on, both the conservatives and the oppositional parties throwing fear and uncertainty back and forth, I think there may be a more important question to ask rather than whether or not a coalition government would be good for the country.

How did the Prime Minister get a tape of a NDP strategy meeting?

I don’t see why it really matter whether or not the NDP was in talks with the Bloc.  Isn’t it a bigger issue that somehow the Prime Minister has access to private meetings of his political rivals?  And here the Prime Minister is accusing the opposition parties of being against democracy and not listening to the voice of canadian voters.  Yet somehow, the Prime Minister has the ability to spy on private meetings of his rivals.

Here is a transcript of the NDP press release.  From the sounds of it, it looks like the NDP used a telephone based conference service, and somehow a Conservative MP got sent a copy of the conference room number and password.  If anything, I’m sure the NDP could call their conference bridge provider and get a list of all the attendants of the conference.

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail has some highlights of the tape.  I like Jack’s point about The Bloc helping the coalition being a good thing for Canada.


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