What a Liberal Blogger is Saying

I stumbled upon this Liberal blog post and it seems to suggest that the Liberals, well this liberal in particular, has some kind of hidden agenda to manipulate democracy:

If this coalition does go forward I think the Liberal party needs to think ahead and seriously consider filling all the vacancies in the Senate while we are in power.

Does this statement give you an uneasy feeling?  Hearing a statement like this makes me untrustworthy of Liberals.  I don’t want to have a party that is all about power and nothing else.  Canadians, at least young Canadians, want vision, leadership, and they especially want a party that connects and listens to us.  Dialogs with us, asks us questions, changes their mind when we tell them to and admits their mistakes.

Change, hope, yes we can…  you know what I mean.


2 responses to “What a Liberal Blogger is Saying

  1. This has nothing to do with us grabbing power and everything to do with keeping the Conservatives from having absolute power.

    Elsewhere in the post I mentioned that I had no problem placing NDP Senators as well, but that quote somehow got left out of your post.

  2. I agree. The funding for political parties is to try to ensure that all parties start on as equal a footing as possible, so the citizens will have clear choices. The assault last Thursday would have made sure that only the Cons would have money enough to get their voice out there — it would essentially have murdered the other parties.

    The Republicans had Diebold, Katherine Harris, and Ohio’s Blackwell to help them try to stay in permanent power. The Cons had to do it a different way, daring anyone to stop them.

    And by golly. The majority of the MPs that that majority of Canadians voted for — stopped them.

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