Coalition Night In Canada

With the election season over and politics back in full swing we have a fundamental crisis brewing in the world of politics in Canada, the government may be breathing it’s last breath.  In Ottawa, a season of fear, uncertainty, and doubt is starting to spread.  And suddenly having Jack Layton as finance minister may be as likely as the canal freezing over.  This blog hopes to provide you with commentary and analysis as events unfold.  We’ll be your video goal judge as one party blames the other.

First up, the conservatives believe that a coalition government is what not Canadians wanted in the last election:

It said the opposition Liberal party was “completely rejected” by Canadians in the last election, held Oct. 14, and it’s now trying to seize power through the back door.

Did not some of your fellow Canadians elect Liberal or NDP candidates?  As I remember correctly, we did not have a vote for the Prime Minister, or a vote for what party would govern.  Together we voted for our member of parliament, and there seems to enough members of parliament to form a liberal and NDP coalition government.  So how did we completely reject a coalition government?  It’s democracy.


2 responses to “Coalition Night In Canada

  1. Why do you call it a crisis? It’s not a crisis at all. It is the workings of a Parliamentary democracy, not a crisis as in some banana republic. This is an example of democracy at its finest and I really resent all the talk of “crisis” and “anarchy” and the like.

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