Why Michael Ignatieff Should Not Be Prime Minister

  • His decision regarding the budget is being made behind close doors. He is strategizing with other Liberals, and himself does not have a strong position or opinion on whether or not the budget is good for Canadians.
  • He is not including Canadians in his decision process, just Liberal party VIPs.
  • He never replies to my Twitter messages. ūüôā

Anyway, we’ll wait and see what he thinks of the budget in the next few minutes and find out where the country will be going. I don’t see how an election can be justified in these economic times, but on the other hand, I can’t see that being the coalition’s fault. It’s all in the hands of the Governor General.


The Budget Annoucement

Time to dust off the blog editor and get to work analyzing this new budget. First off, just need to get something off my chest: the problem with Canadian politics is that it is full of partisan party junkies who can only see in ideology. Now with that out of the way, on to the budget.

The Consequences of the Budget
It seems like the NDP and the Bloc want to leave the decision of future of the government in the hands of the Liberals. For the NDP it’s a question of trust, they don’t trust the Tories. The Bloc, well, I’m not quite sure what is their position.

It’s All in the Hands of Michael Ignatieff
To be honest I’m not really sure if this guy is still capable of talking, I haven’t heard an interview with him in over six months, but maybe that’s just because I’m watching less TV. If anything, this budget will be his first test, and we’ll learn about what kind of prime minister he could become.

Still no stimulus to provide one Nintendo Wii for every Canadian family.

Canadian 911 System to Get GPS Tracking for Cell Phones

After posting my previous post about the cell phone 911 system, the CRTC announced today that it will require all cell phone companies to install the GPS locating system for their subscribers in Canada.

Who is going to pay the bill?

What is not clear in the¬†announcement¬†is who will be paying the bill. ¬†Will it be taxpayers, the cell phone companies, or the subscriber through increased 911 fees? ¬†Subscribers for years have been paying for 911 fees which usually go towards helping the company’s bottom line, rather than going towards anything that supports a 911 system.

A Foolproof Plan to Stimulate the Canadian Economy

Jim Flaherty thinks he knows how to stimulate the Canadian economy. ¬†We at PoliCana have come up with a better plan than Flaherty’s tax cuts.


Give every Canadian family a Nintendo Wii.

If you don’t think our plan will work, please watch this video.

Recessions Are Good

I’m young, I’ve only studied economics once in high school, and I like to questions things, particular stuff that comes up in the media. ¬†I like to ask a lot of questions, so I must ask, are recessions really bad?

Americans Will Save 5% of Their Income

Europeans on average save 9% of their income. ¬†In the 80s americans saved 9% of their income, but that has steadily declined to 0.5% in 2005. ¬†Whenever something bad happens in the world, we always hear our politicians (well, american politicians at least) say, “spend, spend, spend!” ¬†It seems like we’re being sent mix messages when it comes to saving. ¬†The wise voice of an old Grandpa tells us to save, it’s the only way to move up in the world. ¬†And then there’s this other voice saying, “spend, do your duty to save our economy,” which seems to make only a certain few richer.

Potato Chip Bags

Saving Means Less Consumption, Less Consumption Means Better Environment

There’s no doubt that consumption is causing us to consume more of our planets resources than it can handle. ¬†As well, consumption is the end product of all the chemicals that gets released into the¬†atmosphere. ¬†Less consumption, less bad stuff going into the air.

Does it bother you that an identity of a “consumer” has been forced upon you? ¬†I find this label almost kind of de-humanizing, where I become a person who just uses stuff.

The Media Says We Should Be Scared

The media says we should be scared, but it’s this fear that I’m starting to question. ¬†I think that through a recessions, we will still have food on our table, you will have a place to sleep, and the Internet probably won’t crash.

Cat and Mouse

The Politics of Santa’s Journey

On the night of Chritmas Eve, Santa left the North Pole on his¬†annual¬†quest to deliver presents to the children of the world. ¬†Thanks to incredible technology, these same children were also able to track Santa’s location online, thanks to NORAD’s Official Santa Tracker.


It seems that Santa was very busy on Christmas Eve. ¬†But what’s more impressive is not Santa’s speed, but the reach of NORAD’s Radar System.

Am I not the only person to realize that NORAD has global radar coverage of every country on the planet?

You Can Duck From Duffy

142764109_0ac5780a63Contrary to what Stockwell Day believes, Stephen Harper has proved that it is possible to duck from Duffy.  You just need to give him a senate seat.  Mike Duffy, since accepting the senate position will be retiring from his weekday show on CTV News Net, Mike Duffy Live.

All the talk about senate reform, and changing things is probably a good idea. ¬†But to me, it seems like a lot of nice talk. ¬†I believe this because senators have done little in the past to engage canadians. ¬†I will only believe that these new senators, in particular Mike Duffy, Pamala Wallin, Nancy Raine are taking senate reform seriously if they actually try to communicate with Canadians. ¬†If on the other hand, they end of being just like their counterparts and hide in their offices and site on the red seats, then I don’t really believe they’re taking any of this seriously.